Why does Dusty Baker wear gloves during Astros games?

Why does Dusty Baker wear gloves during Astros games?

Dusty Baker carries quite a few accessories with him during games that he manages. He wears sweatbands up and down his arms, along with a Fitbit. He dons an Astros-themed mask for most of Houston’s games.

When Baker is taking a mask break, he habitually chews on a toothpick and twirls it in his mouth, something he has done for most of his 23 years as an MLB manager.

But what about the gloves? Those are a relatively new addition to Baker’s wardrobe that came into effect before the 2020 MLB season.

Baker has worn several sets of gloves during the Astros’ regular-season run, but they have come into focus during the postseason. It’s easy to understand why, as they stand out when looking at him even despite his plethora of other accessories.

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