Udaariyaan Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update

This time around, Jass is unwilling to release Fateh from jail and Tanya Gill is adamant that she should do so in order to save the family. However, Fateh gets upset at Tanya because she thinks she should do something for her family. In addition, Angad reveals that he has no family, which annoys Fateh even more.

Jass refuses to release Fateh

Jass refuses to release Fatehan. He mentions that he doesn’t want to release him because he knows he will lose the man he loves, Tejo. However, Fateh does not believe Jass and blames her in front of him. This is a cruel scene and Jass is thrown into prison. But he does not give up easily.

The situation gets worse when Fateh’s mother tells Tejo to leave. Fateh is convinced that Jass will kill her, but he says he is not afraid. Fateh is still happy and wants his mother to be with him. Tejo tells him that he’ll get Fateh and Tejo out, but he is not ready to give up. Jass says he’ll release Fateh, but he won’t let him.

Jass kidnaps Fateh and brutally hits him. When he learns of his crime, Jasmine runs to him and tries to convince him. But Jass doesn’t want to hear this. She asks him why he did it and then makes him explain his actions. Jass tells her that he needs Fateh for his love story, but Fateh is convinced that he’s not worthy of her.

When Fateh tells Jass about his relationship with Tejo, Fateh refuses to believe it. He doesn’t want to let Jass have the opportunity to get back at her. Fateh promises to punish Fateh for his mistake. Jass tries to persuade Tejo to release Fateh, but the woman isn’t ready to listen to him.

Tanya Gill believes she should help the family

Tanya Gill, a lawyer, feels that she should help the Udaariyan family after all. She thinks that Fateh is the only one who can stop Jasmine from doing whatever she wants. But Fateh tells her not to and says she should not interfere in his life. The doctor’s verdict on Jasmine’s condition has shocked her. But Fateh manages to stop Tanya by grabbing her wrist.

Fateh asks Tanya how dare she suggest marriage. Tanya tells Fateh that she did it for her mother’s sake and to relieve her pain. Fateh tells her that Jasmine and Amrik are not coming back. She says that it’s cool. But she is worried about what will happen if they marry. She asks Fateh why he should let Jasmine marry Amrik.

Fateh wants to marry Jasmine, but Tanya asks him to wait a day so she can save Amrik’s baby. He tells her that the boy wants a wife for his child, but Tanya tries to convince him that he should marry Fateh instead. Gurpreet is shocked by this news, but Fateh refuses to let Fateh marry Jasmine and has no choice but to stay with Jasmine. He tries to convince Tanya to help the Udaariyaan family, but it fails.

Besides the two girls, the three boys also tried to kill Fateh. Tanya believes that Fateh and Jasmine killed Tejo because they didn’t know that she was pregnant. She believes that the Udaariyaan family needs her help in healing its trauma. The Udaariyaan family was a good family, and she should help them.

Fateh gets upset at Taniya Gill

In this episode of Udaariyaan, the lead couple of the show – Fateh and Jasmine – have an argument over the issue of Amrik’s disappearance. Jasmine is worried about Fateh’s safety and has even left him behind. Meanwhile, Fateh gets upset when Taniya gets mad at him because she is not Tejo. However, Taniya makes it clear to Fateh that she is not the culprit in the case and has been caught. In addition to that, she tells him that she has found Amrik. Taniya Gill does not look like Tejo, but is an investigator for the Punjab Police, which makes Fateh’s reaction all the more believable.

In the 16th May 2022 episode, Fateh tells Tejo about the death of his brother Amrik. She addresses Fateh as Mr. Virk and expresses her grief for his brother’s death. Meanwhile, Tanya reveals that she is not Fateh, but rather her real name is Taniya Gill. When Fateh confronts her, she tells him that she is not the same person she was pretending to be.

In the written update, Fateh becomes irate with Taniya Gill. He accuses her of killing Tejo, despite her claims that she didn’t. It turns out that the two had never told each other about Tejo’s pregnancy, and Fateh had a secret agenda that they did not know about. Hence, Tanya believes that Fateh and Jasmine killed him.

Angad reveals that he doesn’t have a family

In the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan, Angad Maan will reveal that he has a son. When he tells Tejo about the family, she is shocked and wonders what he’ll do with the child. She also asks him why he didn’t tell her before the marriage. After hearing this, Tejo is not letting Angad Communicate to her, which causes a big rift between the two.

Tejo finds out about the incident and confronts Fateh. She is furious and lashes out at Fateh, adamant that she will hit anyone who makes her cry. Tejo asks Fateh to leave her life and concentrate on her relationship with Jasmine instead. Fateh agrees. This is a big step towards reconciliation, but it’s far from over.

The situation in the house is a nightmare for Fateh, who was battling a cancer diagnosis. Tejo is unable to eat and Angad steps in to help. Jasmine, meanwhile, is blaming Fateh and claiming that Fateh is guilty of causing her pain.

Angad and Tejo validate their relationship documents after Angad reveals that he does not have a family. However, the relationship between Angad and Tejo does not last long. Tejo is abusive to Angad and vows to break it off. Tejo also threatens Jasmin to leave his house.

Simran asks Taniya if she is Tejo

In this episode of ‘Udaariyaan,’ Simran asks Taniya ‘are you Tejo?’ Tanya is extremely curious and wonders why Fateh is trying to find her, but the truth is that she doesn’t believe in love. Tanya says that everything is an illusion. Fateh explains to Tanya that his love for her is real, but she can’t understand that he still wants to be with her.

Meanwhile, Fateh gets angry when Tejo and Buzo are having an affair at home, so he decides to call the lover home and ask him to confess the truth. Meanwhile, Simran enters the Virk house to confront Fateh, but Fateh isn’t ready to face Taniya. Simran, on the other hand, is adamant that she doesn’t tolerate Jasmin.

In the next episode, Simran tells Taniya that she loves Fateh and that she’s not Tejo, but Fateh wants to be with her. He says that he has to make her feel special. But she doesn’t want him to tell anyone that she’s not Tejo. He wants to spend time with her, but she doesn’t talk to strangers, so she’s worried that she’ll make Fateh uncomfortable.

Moreover, Fateh is furious after discovering that Tejo’s grandmother had an affair with Jasmin. He tries to console her, but it doesn’t help much. She also makes Fateh take a big step back when she realizes that he has been lying to her family. She tells him that she should have trusted him before.

Fateh lashes out at Tejo

The latest episode of Udaariyaan has witnessed the dramatic scenes between Tejo and Fateh. In the episode, Fateh asks Tejo to stay away from her, and she refuses to do so. In addition, Tejo lashes out at Fateh in the latest written update. Tejo has already asked Fateh to stay away from her and is now furious with him.

In the latest episode of the show, we see Fateh lash out at Tejo and tells him that he’ll be there for him no matter what. The two love each other deeply, but he thinks he’ll never be able to show that to Jasmine. He thinks he’s going to get Tejo but is afraid of being rejected.

In the previous episode, Jasmin and Tejo get engaged and Fateh confronts her. Tejo tells his parents that they’ll marry soon, but she’s not sure he can trust her and wants to keep him. The two make up anyway, but Tejo is now furious and Angad is not happy to see Jasmin in the hospital.

Tejo and Angad get into an argument. Tejo is feeling weak and Angad is trying to persuade her to eat. But Fateh isn’t listening to him and lashes out at Tejo, which makes Angad believe that he was right to do so. Tejo, in turn, asks Angad to leave her alone so she can get her medicine.

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