Top 10 Most Famous Pool Players in The World

Top 10 Most Famous Pool Players in The World

1. Top 10 Most Famous Pool Players in The World

10.Allison Fisher

CountryUnited Kingdom
HonourGold Medal in 2009 Kaohsiung

Allison Fisher is an English professional pool player who is widely considered one of the best pool players in the world. As a professional pool player, she has enriched her profile with a long list of successes and titles. One of the great honors in her career is the Gold Medal in 2009 Kaohsiung.

3. 9. Jasmin Ouschan – Austria

HonourGold Medal 2005 Duisburg

Jasmin Ouschan is another popular women pool player on the list of most famous pool players in the world. She is an Austrian professional pool player who started her profession under the WPBA in 2007. The shining start of the pool world, Jasmin Ouschan has a number of honors on her timeline that can prove her one of the best pool players in the world right now. Her gold Medal in 2005 Duisburg is one of her great honors.

5. 8. Shane Van Boening – America

Highest WPA Ranking2

The winner of 50 plus major titles in the pool, Shane Van Boening is the next famous pool player on the list. He is an American professional pool player who was ranked number 2 by WPA. Despite being hearing-impaired, his performance is great, he didn’t make it a hurdle in his professional career.

7. 7. Jeanette Lee – America

HonourGold Medal in 2001 Akita

Jeanette Lee is an American professional pool player who is considered one of the best pool players of the era. After her gold medal in 2001 Akita, she became more famous among pool fans all around the world. Furthermore, she has achieved a number of remarkable successes in her professional career.

9. 6. Mike Sigel – America

Honour38 major titles in a decade

One of the most experienced pool players in the world, Mike Sigel is an American professional who has won 38 major titles in a decade. Because of his incredible ability to hook his opponent with safety plays, he earned the nickname “Captain Hook.” He is the sixth most famous pool player on our list of the most famous pool player in the world right now.

11. 5. Earl Strickland – America

Honour#1 Highest WPA ranking

One of the most beautiful things about games like the pool is, your age can not be a hurdle in the way of your profession. The 60 years old American professional pool player is one of the best players in the world. He was ranked number 1 by WPA.

13. 4. Willie Mosconi – America

Honour19 World Straight Pool Championship

Man can die but his achievements can’t. Willie Mosconi was an American professional pool player who got immortal fame from his profession that is remarkable even after his departure from the planet. He was died in 1993 after making a wonderful profile as a professional pool player.

15. 3. Ralph Greenleaf – America

Honour20 World Pocket Billiards Champion

Ralph Greenleaf was a popular American professional pool player who won the world pocket billiards championship twenty times. The great American pool player was died in 1950 after spending a wonderful professional career with great achievements.

17. 2. Rudolf Wanderone – America

DiedJanuary 15, 1996

Rudolf Wanderone was one of the best and most publically recognized American pool players. He died in 1996 at the age of 82. Wanderone was not only a pool player but also an entertainer who made his name in his profession with both skills. He is the 2nd most famous pool player ever in the world.

19. 1. Efren Reyes – Philippines

Honour70+ international titles

Efren Reyes is the best and most famous pool player in the world. He is Philippino professional pool player who has a long successful and wonderful professional career. His rich profile contains more than seventy international titles that made him the greatest and most famous pool player in the world.

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