Top 10 Best Cricket Bats in the World

Top 10 Best Cricket Bats in the World

10. Adidas Libro 5.0

Adidas is a well-known sportswear company, with a wide selection of products ranging from shoes to bags and jerseys. It produces cricket bats as well. The Libro 5.0 is one of the most demanded bats in cricket worldwide. It’s made for batsmen with a lot of power who like to play an aggressive style.

It has a fantastic profile that passes through the boom and the center with a good collection and balance owing to the big edges. It has a sculpted shoulder and is one of the most-looking bats, made of English willow. it features a medium balance point perfect for balanced shots on the pitch.

9. Sanspareils Greenlands(SG) Savage Xtreme

The best English willow is used to make SG Savage Xtreme. It is a little cricket bat that is best suited for anyone. Hardik Pandya, India’s top all-rounder, and a slew of other international talents prefer it.

The sweet spot is mid-to-low, which makes it easier to manage or control the bat’s weight. The SG has a flat bat shape that offers additional paunch and better shooting direction control. This is a one-of-a-kind mix of strength and control.


The T-Line is one of four new bats introduced this season in cooperation with renowned Indian Sareen Sports bat manufacturing companies and is a brand-new entrance in this market by the famed helmet manufacturer Masuri.

The T-Line is a full, traditional, powerful form from the Top 4.5 percent of the worldwide English Willow, and quality at this price level is outstanding.


The value for money with this English willow power bat, which is part of New Balance’s DC collection and modeled after the bat form of Australian great Steve Smith, is unsurpassed. This bat gets a position in our Top 10 best cricket bats because of its Smithy shape and great performance without the astronomical price tag.

6. Kookaburra Kahuna

Kookaburra is a cricket bat maker that is well-known among cricketers all over the world. It has a clear striking area with straight, evenly spaced grains that combine light pickup with tremendous force and deliver the greatest impact.

Its precise form and square face, as well as the edge thickness and lovely bow, aid in the creation of excellent strokes. The Kookaburra Kahuna is without a doubt one of the best, with a blade made of high-grade Kashmiri willow and a handle constructed of 12-piece round Sarawak cane.

5. MRF Genius Grand Edition 3.0

MRF cricket bats are composed of high-quality English willow. World best batsmen like Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar ANd Kohli have used MRF bats This bat has been skillfully constructed utilizing the most up-to-date bat dimensions for a light weighted, great gripping performance.

It is made using the newest f2 huge countered edges technology, making it one of the finest bats in the world.

4. CEAT Hitman

For the year 2021, the CEAT Hitman bat is the extremely best bat, has a willow-shaped grade 1, and its pick-up is unbelievable. It is of exceptional quality, which makes it one of the finest bats for this year.

If you believe you’re overpaying, it’s because you’re getting the greatest quality and the best specifications shape with the best performance, making it the best for the season. It is used by the Indian cricket hitman Rohit Sharma, as the name implies.


The exceptional bat was created by England’s Best Grade 3 English willow. In connection with British great all-rounder Ben Stokes, the Diamond product line was developed utilizing its favorite color scheme.

It has a shorter than usual blade with a length of 540mm, which offers unprecedented confidence in a huge sweet spot. The shorter length of the blade allows the Diamond to have an extraordinary balance and a flawless experience.

2. Kookaburra Ghost Pro 1.0

This year again Kookaburra is the spotlight on which excellence meets value, the Ghost Pro 1.0. The pickup, balance, and performance are all excellent, and it’s no surprise that the Ghost is one of Kookaburra’s most popular models at this price bracket.

Thanks to its clean, striking aesthetics and classic profile, the 2021 Kookaburra Ghost Pro Cricket Bat is a strong favorite among stylish players at all levels of the game. The Ghost series is made from the finest Grade 1 unbleached English willow and is meant to aid the graceful player.

1. Spartan CG Authority

The Spartan CG Authority is one of the finest cricket bats on the market, with players from all over the world using it. Furthermore, this bat has been developed to withstand even the most explosive force of the most powerful strikers. It has been designed in such a way that it is ideal for current cricket’s power-hitting approach.

It has a large sweet spot and extremely thick edges. The bat features a mid-profile with a full spine and is manufactured of Super Grade I English willow. This bat is now ranked first on our list of the best cricket bats in the world.

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