San Jose Shooting Today

San Jose Shooting Today

Authorities are investigating a five-person shooting in San Jose, California. The suspect is suspected of possessing three handguns and 11 magazines. The victims are five people, including the gunman’s ex-wife. The suspect is in custody and the motive behind the crime is unclear, but authorities have condemned the “rinse and repeat” cycle of mass shootings. In addition to the five fatalities, police are investigating whether the suspect set fire to the home of the suspected gunman.

Five people were shot in san jose

The shooting has left several people injured, including a San Jose woman. The shooting unfolded at a light rail maintenance yard, where vehicles are repaired and dispatched. The attack happened early Wednesday in San Jose, a city with a population of over 1 million people. The city is in Silicon Valley, home to Apple and other tech giants. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said the incident is a day of mourning.

The suspect in the shooting killed himself as deputies and police officers rushed to the scene. The shooter then turned the gun on himself as police closed in. This is the latest mass shooting in the California Bay area, and San Jose is no stranger to gun violence. In September, a former FedEx employee killed eight people at a building in Indianapolis, followed by a shooting at a Boulder supermarket. The Atlanta-area spas were also targeted.

The shooter, identified as Samuel J. Cassidy, was a former transit system employee who had previously made racist remarks to co-workers. He was subsequently subject to a disciplinary hearing. During the shooting, he sought out specific employees. He told one worker, “Don’t shoot me, because I’m not going to shoot you.”

Suspect had three handguns and 11 magazines

Investigators have confirmed that the suspected shooter has been found dead, according to Uvalde CISD Police Chief Michael Sacco. According to police, the suspect had three handguns and 11 magazines on him, including multiple 30-round magazines. In 2013, New York State outlawed ammunition magazines that held more than seven bullets. Since then, however, more gun control laws have been passed in the state.

Victim was ex-wife of gunman’s ex-wife

The ex-wife of the gunman, Samuel James Cassidy, was found dead in a mass shooting in San Jose. Authorities found books and manifestos on terrorism in Cassidy’s suitcase. Authorities are still trying to piece together the events of the day, but it appears that the suspect had more firepower than previously thought. The gunman’s motive remains unclear.

Samuel Cassidy’s ex-wife, Cecilia Nelms, said he talked about killing people at work more than a decade ago. She said she never believed him. But the shooting today in San Jose was the result of a fantasized murder spree. He killed nine colleagues, aged 29 to 63, before turning the gun on himself.

Cassidy and Nelms were married for 10 years before splitting in 2004, according to court records. The couple hadn’t spoken in 13 years. The gunman’s ex-wife did not respond to a request for comment. Cassidy’s ex-wife did not want to comment, but her attorney told CNN that the woman was shocked by the mass shooting.

Sam Cassidy’s ex-wife was also at the scene when the shooter began shooting. She told authorities that Cassidy was angry and angrily speaking about his co-workers. She told police that he was ‘not a good person’ and did not deserve to die. But his ex-wife said she had recently undergone active shooter training.

Police are investigating motive

A shooting in San Jose this morning remains under investigation. It was the 28th homicide of the year. It happened in a courtyard of the Kennedy Hall apartment complex, where a party was going on late Friday night and into early Saturday morning. A San Jose State University student, who was there at the time, told reporters a fight between two women had escalated into a full-blown brawl. When he woke up early Saturday morning, he heard a single gunshot and saw a man lying near the door.

The motive for the shooting is unclear. Police have not released any other details of the incident. Nelms, the victim of the shooting, was married to Cassidy about a decade ago and hasn’t heard from him in more than 13 years. She told CNN that she was not sure what to think of the gunman, but thought he would get an easier job. The gunman had been staying in the same neighborhood for at least five years.

Multiple agencies were dispatched to the scene after the shooting in San Jose. Firefighters had responded at 6:36 a.m. local time to the fire, which was fueled by gunfire. The shooting, which occurred near the VTA control center and maintenance yard, prompted multiple law enforcement agencies to use an “active shooter protocol” in response to the incident. Ultimately, the investigation will result in a criminal investigation.

Remembrance vigil for victims

After the slayings of nine innocent people in San Jose, a vigil is held in the city’s City Hall today to remember the victims. One of the victims, Adrian Balleza, was a close high school friend of Ng’s. Balleza was married and had a young son. Authorities still don’t know the motive for the attack. However, the identity of the killer, a 57-year-old employee of the Valley Transportation Authority, has been confirmed by authorities. The shooting occurred while the employee was switching shifts.

The vigil was attended by hundreds of people, including members of the local community, police, and First Responders. In addition to remembering the nine victims, the vigil also paid tribute to the nine victims and their families. The vigil is not a political rally, but a call for a unified community in the wake of the tragedy. As part of this vigil, dozens of VTA employees and relatives of the victims attended.

The San Jose homicides occurred in the VTA’s Guadalupe light rail yard. Nine people, including a co-worker, were killed, while one witness committed suicide weeks later. As a result, there have been several events to commemorate the victims, including a candlelight vigil for victims’ families. The vigil was overshadowed by another mass shooting today. It was followed by a Santa Clara VTA Guadalupe light rail yard shooting, which claimed ten lives and wounded more than two dozen.

Reward for information on san jose shooting

The Santa Clara County district attorney’s office is offering a $20,000 reward for information about a recent slingshot attack on the San Jose city center. The suspect has been targeting government agencies, homes, and businesses, and has targeted the SAP Center, San Jose Museum of Art, and a woman’s car. The shots have also hit the crime lab, which has been targeted eight times. In addition to the police and fire departments, local media have reported that they have uncovered dozens of bullet-holes in buildings.

The suspect is known to have a handgun in his vehicle, which is unusual, but his friends may have noticed a change in his behavior. If you notice a sudden increase in anger or abuse, he might have been suffering from the attack. He may have also been drinking alcohol, and it is unclear what his motive was. The motive is still unknown, but authorities are hopeful that the suspect will come forward soon to receive the reward.

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