Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Bodybuilders of All Time

1. Nikki Fuller – Uniated States

Nikki Fuller – Uniated States
Age in 202153
ProfessionProfessional Bodybuilder
EducationGresham High School
CountryUnited States

Nikki Fuller is a 52-year-old professional bodybuilder from the United States. She was born on 23 January 1968 in Ohio, United States.

While attending her school, she developed an interest in bodybuilding. She started practicing her interest to become a professional. She helped her team in winning the water polo state championship in 1882.

2. Erica Cordie – United States

Erica Cordie – United States
Age in 202135
Height5ft 5 inch
ProfessionProfessional Bodybuilder
EducationNot known
CountryUnited States

Erica Cordie is an American professional female bodybuilder. She is one of the most beautiful and attractive female bodybuilders in the world. Cordie is an Instagram influencer who has thousands of Instagram followers. She grew up as a bodybuilding fan and later she became a professional bodybuilder.

3. Brooke Holladay – United States

Brooke Holladay – United States
Age in 202139
Height5ft 7 inch
ProfessionBodybuilder, Fitness model
EducationNot Known
CountryUnited States

Brooke Holladay is an American fitness model and bodybuilder. She is one of the most attractive and beautiful women bodybuilders in the world. In her youth, she started her fitness career as a dancer.

She also developed her interest in the fitness field when she was a child. As of now, she is one of the most hard-working fitness models who workouts more than 4 hours daily.

4. Cory Everson – United States

Cory Everson – United States
Age in 202163
ProfessionProfessional Bodybuilder
BookCory Everson’s Workout
CountryUnited States

Cory Everson is an American professional female bodybuilder who is also an actress. The 62-year-old fitness model is considered one of the most attractive and impressive bodybuilders in the world.

Cory Everson is one of the greatest female bodybuilders in history. She won the Ms. Olympic contest six times in a row.

During her university time, she met Jeff Everson who was also a bodybuilder. Later, they married in 1982

5. Eva Andressa – Brazil

Eva Andressa – Brazil
Age in 202136
ProfessionProfessional Bodybuilder
EducationNot known

Eva Andressa is a Brazilian professional bodybuilder and fitness model. She is one of the top ten most beautiful and attractive female bodybuilders in the world in the current era.

Eva Andressa’s attractive physique made her prominent in the industry of fitness and soon she made her fame worldwide. As of now, she is one of the most recognized female fitness models in the world.

6. Oksana Grishina – Russia

Oksana Grishina – Russia
Age in 202143

Oksana Grishina is a popular Russian former professional gymnast. She is one of the most popular Russian female athletes. Grishina was born in Kaliningrad, Russia in 1978. After spending a great career, she retired from competitive fitness recently in 2017

7. Heidi Vuorela – Finland

Heidi Vuorela – Finland
Age in 202130
Height5ft 5 inch
ProfessionProfessional Bodybuilder
EducationNot Known

Heidi Vuorela is a fitness model from Finland. At the young age of 29, she made a wonderful and impressive start to her professional career. Heidi Vuorela build her interest in bodybuilding when she was 12.

Her interest became her profession later and today we see her among the top ten best and most attractive female bodybuilders in the world.

8. Rachel Cammon – United States

Rachel Cammon – United States
Age in 202131
ProfessionFitness Model
EducationNot known
CountryUnited States

Rachel Cammon is an American professional female bodybuilder. She has a beautiful and attractive physique that made her up in the list of most beautiful women bodybuilders in the world in the current era.

Common started her career with personal interest because she was impressed by female bodybuilders. Later her passion became her profession.

9. Sarah Backman – Sweden

Sarah Backman – Sweden
Age in 202129
ProfessionProfessional Bodybuilder, Fitness model, Real Estate Broker
SpouseBo Dallas

Sarah Backman is a Swedish professional bodybuilder, fitness model, former wrestler, and real estate broker. She has an attractive physique and a charming personality.

Her wrestling career is not much longer, but her beautiful physique made her one of the most beautiful female bodybuilders in the world. She won the arm wrestling championship eight times. These achievements she made possible at a young age.

10. Jennifer Rish – United States

Jennifer Rish – United States
Age in 202141
Height5ft 3 inch
ProfessionBodybuilder, fitness model
EducationNot known
CountryUnited States

Jennifer Rish is a beautiful and one of the most attractive professional female bodybuilders from the United States. She has a very attractive physique and figure. She started her professional career in 2010 and the journey of success still goes on.

Jennifer Rish is a hard-working bodybuilder who spends most of her time in the gym making her more perfect and professional. She often shares her fitness pictures on her Instagram profile.

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