How To Learn Self-Defense Training Techniques

In 21 century, self-defense is the most important skill that everyone must know. As we know, there are a lot of enemies around us who tend to attack at any time. So we should be ready to fight in an emergency. Here we discuss some kinds of self-defense training techniques. Basically, it is an essential skill.

Punch is the first and basic technique of self-defense. But it doesn’t mean that you can do it by yourself without getting training. Prepare yourself for self-defense training under the expertise of a mentor. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself to your opponent. In this article, you can get some tips on self-defense.

Tips For Self-Defense Techniques

Closing the fist

When you close your fist, it makes a punch; begin with the holding hand, such as you would say, like ‘stop.’ At the same time, closing the fist, pay full attention to the thump location. Your thumb never is on the bottom or top; keep out of injury’s way towards the other side of the fist.

The pushing motion

You should need the practice pushing motion connected with a punch. If you require a partner, then try pushing motion gently by holding your fist as mentioned above point.


Use of second and third knuckles is your first priority while punching. Don’t use fourth and fifth knuckles because these are weaker and more sensitive to breaking after hitting a hard punch.


After getting expertise with the above tips, move on to get speedy. Try to hit your punches a little faster and increase your speed of hitting and movement and carry more force in your body(especially in your fist)

The rest of your body

Try to obtain the majority of your momentum from your shoulder and elbow, which will allow you to punch and move your opponent away successfully. Incorporate some hip mobility into the punch as well. To provide greater force and mobility, utilize your entire body.

Use of feet and legs

There are three most important things to consider while self-defending to move your feet and legs, i.e., target, motion, and distance. There are numerous types of techniques for kicking. Font kick, round-house kick, and knee kick are the most incredible kicks ever. Each kick has its own features and ways of techniques. You must learn every kick style for your self-defense.

Good luck folks!

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