Did This Soccer Player Bleach His Skin?

Did This Soccer Player Bleach His Skin?

Did this soccer player bleach his skin? Is he the first player to go this far? Here are some

examples. Then there is Keita Balde, who looks lighter than normal, and Sammy Sosa. Is this

a trend we should see in the world of soccer? It is definitely something we should consider, but

what are the risks? Let’s find out! Hopefully, you’ll be encouraged to try it out!

Keita Balde

Several people are wondering whether Cagliari star Keita Balde bleaches his face. Although

he’s naturally dark, he’s played for Senegal at the international level. The footballer‘s lighter

skin has sparked a social media furor, and fans are reacting with a mix of anger and support.

While bleaching is not uncommon in African culture, many people are calling for a return to

natural, darker skin.

While he’s black, Keita Balde played in the AFCON. He played as a defensive end for the

team. Before bleaching his skin, he was a dark-skinned man who hardly ever showed his face.

But this didn’t stop the team from promoting his new skin tone. The black soccer star’s new

look made it easier for fans to identify him, and they are starting to wonder why he’s done it.

Tan France

While a child, France, a former professional soccer player, began using bleaching cream to

lighten his skin. He later kept it a secret from his family until he was a teenager. As a child, he

was obsessed with the television shows Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210. He also

adored Barbie dolls. As a teen, Tan’s father was a fierce competitor with his brother, who was

a similar skin color.

The documentary ‘Beauty and the Bleach’ is based on Tan France’s experiences with

colourism and racism. While he did not mention his decision, Tan France explains that people

with darker skin are subject to discrimination, even from their own ethnic group. Because of

this, he hopes that people will better understand how colourism can affect the lives of those of

different races.

In his new BBC documentary, ‘Beauty and the Bleach’, a footballer who first tried skin

whitening as a child, will discuss the controversial topic of colourism. In the film, Tan France

discusses the history of skin whitening and why it is still popular today. A documentary that

examines colourism and its repercussions will be aired on BBC Two at 9pm on 27 April.

In his interview, France is a charismatic presence. While chatting with Kelly Rowland, he

reveals that he was once teased by his grandmother for being too dark chocolate. He also

shares his experience with Bunmi Mojekwu, who was in Destiny’s Child at the time. France

bonds with her over the topic of “Aunties,” the female elders in the family.

Sammy Sosa

Many people have been wondering why baseball legend Sammy Sosa bleaches his body. The

former player, who is Dominican-American, has been bleaching his skin since 2009. He has

been whiter than many women, which is not natural for a baseball player. Some people have

even speculated that Sosa might be on drugs. The former Cubs star has not commented on the

issue. He has yet to address the controversy, but he did recently appear in a pink outfit during

ESPN’s home run derby coverage.

The baseball legend has been rumored to have bleached his skin since 2009. While denying

this, he has admitted to using skin-softening cream to lighten his skin. He says he got the

product in Europe. This story has sparked debate over whether Sosa is suffering from mental

health problems or using steroids. However, Sammy says he is not racist and has never

cheated on a woman.

Sammy Sosa’s father used illegal steroids, so the question is, did he also? The Mitchell

Report, which was published after a 20-month investigation into the use of anabolic steroids

and human growth hormone by baseball players, included Sammy Sosa. Sosa has not been

officially retired from baseball but has not played in over a decade. Sosa’s light skin and green

eyes make him look like a vampire from the Twilight movies.

Sosa’s skin color is also controversial. He had previously appeared as a dark brown color

when the media began to question his decision. However, the baseball player defended his

decision and said the changes in his appearance are completely normal. People who hate

Sosa’s skin color don’t put food on his table. Sosa lives a happy and content life. It’s important

to respect the differences of everyone, and he doesn’t have to conform to everyone’s skin


Despite the many changes in Sammy’s appearance, his bleaching phase continues. Earlier this

summer, a video of Sosa bleaching his skin became viral, and fans were shocked at Sammy’s

transformation. Some even deemed the bleaching phase a serious case of self-hatred. The

fact is, it’s not a joke. Sammy Sosa hasn’t stopped bleaching since then, and is not hiding

behind his infamous skin color.

While Sosa’s look on ESPN Deportes might be a sign of bleaching, the fact that it’s a hugely

profitable industry in Asia and the Middle East isn’t surprising. Bleaching creams have a

significant following in Ghana, West Africa, and Jamaica. Although these products are illegal in

many countries, they remain on the shelves of some retail stores. While advertisements for

bleaching creams have become less of a problem in recent years, the underlying issue


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