Cities In Az

Cities in Arizona

The state of Arizona allows communities to incorporate as a town or city, but the minimum population for a city is 3,000. Incorporated cities and towns are similar in structure, with city charters having additional powers. A town has limited powers over construction and utilities within its boundaries. The laws governing the formation of a town do not permit a city and a town to merge. However, a town can change its form of government to a city if its population reaches 3,000.

Peoria is one of the larger cities in Arizona, and it offers beautiful winter weather with an unemployment rate of only 5.1%. However, the crime rates in this city are pretty high for a town of its size. In 2019, Peoria reported 3,273 property crimes and 407 violent crimes. Though it has a relatively low crime rate, the city is not the safest place to live in Arizona. If you are considering moving to Peoria, be aware that it does have a high crime rate.

The population of Phoenix is rapidly increasing and attracts both startups and legacy companies from around the world. The city’s low cost of living makes it a top choice for many people. Its quality of life, business operating environment, and proximity to military bases and universities have made it one of the most desirable cities in Arizona for many people. Regardless of your reasons for relocating, Arizona’s major cities are a great place to live.

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